Sports Tech Round-Up 22.05

Every week we bring together the best articles on sports technology from around the world.

Ministry of Sport (Australia) – Wearable technology could transform sports. Although maybe not the finest men’s soccer nation, Australia has been dominant across so many sporting and athletic events for so long, that when their Ministry of Sports talks about the future of sports, the rest of the world should sit down and listen up. Here, the ministry puts forward the case that sports wearables, like the PlayerMaker motion sensors, could completely change the way that we play and experience sports.

83 Degrees – Innovation Fusion event in Tampa focuses on tech in sports As a company, we’re always looking to push our product development to the next level, attracting the top minds and working with the best partners – this is how true innovation comes about. That’s why it’s great to see that the Florida-Israeli Business Accelerator has chosen sports technology as the theme for this year’s Innovation Fusion event

ZD Net – Technology in sport: How AI is helping one football club to make game-changing decisions A fantastic read here about how football clubs can think outside the box to deliver truly innovative solutions in scouting and analysis. A lower league in England has partnered with IBM’s Watson AI to push the boundaries of what’s achievable with data.