HIIT Science and Playermaker Form Strategic Partnership

HIIT Science, a company on a mission to improve the effective application of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in sport, today announced a strategic partnership with Playermaker — the industry standard in smart footwear technology — a technology enabling assessment of locomotor demands and stride kinematics in athletes. 

Today marks an important milestone in our company’s evolution”, said HIIT Science CEO Paul Laursen. “From day one, HIIT Science has always been about advancing understanding of the science of HIIT. But equally important for us has been in finding ways upon which we can apply HIIT effectively across sports of all types. Our alliance with Playermaker means we now have access to the innovative technology needed to leverage the principles we profess — the prescription of training, the monitoring of load and the response to load. This means athletes and coaches achieve best practice preparation for their sport”. 

Bringing together the scientific knowledge and application skills of HIIT Science, with the advanced data analytic techniques of the Playermaker platform, this exciting collaboration will facilitate the development of real insight into an athlete’s training status and movement profile — an as yet untapped area that is essential for performance development in sport. 

This announcement coincides with the launch of Playermaker’s Remote Coaching and Performance Tracking (RCPT) solution, which allows athletes to train on their own, while enabling the remote analysis of technical and physical performance statistics by their coaching staff. Combining Playermaker’s RCPT technology with the scientific knowledge of HIIT Science will change the way athletes not only train in both football (soccer) and other sports, but importantly, enhance the skills of coaches and practitioners working to improve athlete performance. 

“Partnering with HIIT Science means that Playermaker can offer a unique solution for coaching staff everywhere that want to improve their player’s and athlete’s physical capabilities. We want to help top level practitioners such as Paul and Martin, answer their specific performance questions. Utilising the gait metrics, alongside the technical and physical variables, we can help provide insight into the different HIIT types and their unique differences.” said Dr. Steve Barrett, Director of Sport Science and Research Innovation at Playermaker. 

Together, Playermaker and HIIT Science are looking to implement, penetrate and disturb the remote coaching market, by combining knowledge of best practice training principles with breakthrough player tracking methodology for the benefit of athletes and teams everywhere. 

About HIIT Science (www.HIITscience.com): A small company with a big offering. Over 20 sport scientists and experts from elite sport and performance organizations with years of experience in the field, came together to develop a full course, textbook, and online community. The knowledge gained through these materials equip coaches and practitioners with the skills to effectively apply High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in sports everywhere, to gain a competitive advantage for their athletes and themselves. For more information, contact info@hiitscience.com. 

About Playermaker (www.playermaker.tech): Playermaker is an innovative athlete performance tracking platform. It was specifically designed for football (soccer) at every level. Utilizing smart motion sensors on the athlete’s lower limb, Playermaker presents unparalleled insights on technical, tactical, physical, load and gait analysis, for athletes and coaching staff. From developing athletes to elite athletes and professional players in the highest tier, Playermaker is a strategic platform for teams and individuals to improve performance over time. For more information, contact: info@playermaker.tech.