The Best Season in the Club's History: The Technology Behind the Success

Steve Castle, Head Coach at Royston Town FC, coached the club to their best season in the club's history. What changed? 

Steve introduced the Playermaker technology to the team to add that extra data and insight about their team performance during trainings and in games. It allowed coaching staff to pin point areas that needed development in players that would result in the overall success of the team's performance. 

“We lost one game in 21. That is just an amazing achievement that we want to carry that on whether it be in the league or the trophy.”

The coaching staff could look in areas that expanded from just the physical metrics of players. They could now tap into measuring the technical ability of players and develop individual technical plans based on those specific player's strengths and weakness. The case of their 21-year-old winger Claudio Ofosu showed incredible results in finding a hidden star. 

Claudio scored just twice in the opening eight games of 2019/20, Ofusu’s form suddenly picked up – going on to contribute sevens goals and fives assists in the next 10 matches. 

Solutions used


Technical Analysis


Physical Analysis


Tatical Analysis

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