About Playermaker

Playermaker is an innovative athlete performance tracking platform that is specifically designed for football (soccer) at every level. Utilizing a smart motion sensor on a player’s boots, it presents unparalleled insights on technical, tactical, physical, load and gait analysis, for the players and coaching staff. From academy level to professional players in the highest tier, Playermaker is a strategic platform to win.

Why Playermaker


Unparalleled insights directly from a player's boot


Highly accurate and reliable analysis


Ease of use through the simple put on and play smart footwear sensor


Track player development over time


Validated by top Universities and academic institutions


Easier, faster & enhanced video analysis


For Indoor and outdoor use

Management Team

The PlayerMaker team has a clear vision to revolutionise the way football teams use - and benefit from - data. They have made it their mission to improve performance by providing access to a level of analysis and insight that was previously unavailable. Our committed team brings together the top contacts in British football with the most innovative developers in Tel Aviv.


Guy Aharon

Guy has held numerous leadership and executive positions within the Israeli Navy and Israeli military industries. He received a comprehensive education in Law and Business Administration from the Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzliya, Israel.

Yuval Odem

Yuval has 12 years of experience in leadership, strategic risk management and human resource training. A former senior officer in a special unit of the Israeli Military Intelligence with deep knowledge of initiating and executing innovative operational processes.

Moran Gad

Moran holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Beer Sheva, Israel. His focus is on biomechanical research and analysis and has spent years of research on the connection between robotics and human biomechanics.

Erez Morag, PhD

A former Head of Global Football Research at Nike, Erez has been awarded 30 patents. He founded programs adopted worldwide that link products, advanced training, and business innovation. Erez is responsible for leading and inspiring new initiatives.

Hilit Maayan, PhD

Hilit is a senior product strategist and professional user experience architect with over 15 years in leading product-market fit processes. She has a deep understanding of human-factors engineering, cognitive psychology with a visionary mindset.

Gal Barak

Gal is an accomplished businessman credited with significant revenue growth in the global marketplace, designing and executing go-to-market strategies with some of the world’s largest technology firms. At PlayerMaker, he wants to make every soccer player better each game.

Steve Barrett, PhD

Director of Sport Science and Research Innovation
Steve gained his PhD, MSc and BSc in Sport Science/Performance from the University of Hull. He has worked in the elite sport environment for over 14 years as a practitioner with Hull City, The FA (England Women's) and also worked as a coach gaining his UEFA B. Steve is a BASES accredited supervisor/reviewer and a chartered Sport Scientist.

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